Do You Want To Feed Sheffield Survey

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Regather is working to open up pathways into horticulture and farming in Sheffield. As part of this work we want to hear from individuals and community groups who are serious about joining the next generation of urban farmers and market gardeners. Responding to our survey will help us make a stronger case and could perhaps take you one step closer …

wood anemones and hazel

Garden Design Services from Regather

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Over Easter we launched our new Garden Design service and we’re so excited to see this long-envisioned dream gaining ground (pun intended). Regather’s Garden Design service brings ecological planting and practical approaches to food production together. Whether you’re thinking of growing your own vegetables, planting fruit trees, building a pond or making a meadow, we can show you how to …

Our new shiny online system

Rachel Regather

Wow what a week! Snow and software changes were a double whammy of complications.  As the snow melts, we wanted to share some more details about our software changes; why we have made the change and the thinking behind it.  BUT before you sit down to read this riveting blog post – quick question – have you updated your payment …

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Price Rises

Rachel Regather

Back in January 2022 there was no Russian invasion of Ukraine or “cost-of-living crisis” constantly on the news and things were starting to feel a bit more “normal” again post-Covid. As we start 2023, we’ve all had to weather a tough winter of inflation and worker strikes, and Regather is facing some of its biggest financial challenges.  Our staff are …

Regather Farm, Sheffield - Polytunnel

Connecting Ethical Food Traders is More Important Than Ever

Lucy Jeczalik Food, Regather

The Better Food Traders network connects and supports ethical food traders all over the country, helping us to disrupt the food system. After all, no organisation is an island, and together we can harness our values and creativity to make real change. The initiative is aimed at retailers, veg box schemes, markets and other retail models. The accreditation schemes are …

Flowers from Regather Farm

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Gosh is it June already?! Spring has flown by! Lovingly Gathered by Rachel Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m leading Regather’s journey into growing cut flowers. I’ve been working at Regather since 2016 and you’ll often find me in the office doing the finances or helping with box packing. But I’ve had my eye on flower growing for a while and …