Regather Farm

The Regather Farm is a 15-acre site on the edge of Sheffield in the beautiful Moss Valley.
Our Farm sits at the heart of our mission to improve food for Sheffield and contribute to a better, sustainable, shared future globally.

Our Organically certified produce is supplied to the Regather Box each week. It's this growing community of local people who get the Regather Box that allows us to develop more and more Sheffield made, fresh, seasonal produce that will make a lasting contribution to our local food system.

Regather Farm Sheffield
Sheffield Apple Harvest - Juice, Regather
Regather Farm, Sheffield,Harvest

The Farm was formed in 2018 in response to demand for local produce outstripping supply of Sheffield grown produce.

It's been a busy few years, but since then we've developed a market garden, 4 large poly-tunnels, an orchard, 1KM of new hedgerow, beehives, a new pond, an agroforestry project with an onsite woodland, trackway to get around, and new facilities to start hosting events and gatherings!

Growing food, is an essential part of feeding us. We aim to minimise the impact this essential activity has on the planet and its wildlife.

Regather Farm - Veg Box

The Regather Box

The produce from the farm will be sold through our Regather Box.

By signing up to the box, you get the best local, seasonal, organic produce from our farm and other local suppliers; alongside a wide variety of local, independent  products, like fresh bread, milk, eggs, and craft beer; delivered. We purchase items from local suppliers, that we know and trust, and of course make the quality, healthy food that we want to eat. Together we can support the local economy. 

Find out more about our box scheme.

Regather Farm - Organic Certification

Certified Organic

Organic farming aims to manage the land in a way that works in harmony with nature, building healthy soils and using minimal ecologically harmful practices such as pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertiliser use.

We have chosen to certify our land with the Soil Association, the UK’s largest certification body.

Regather Farm - Market Garden

Market Garden

The hub of the farm, one acre of market garden growing vegetables for the Regather Veg Box. Polytunnels provide covered cropping for winter salads and summer favourites like tomatoes and cucumbers. Flowers and wild corners are great for pollinators and pest predators.

Regather Farm - Orchard


A mix of fruit trees and fruit bushes plus 25 cider apple trees. Special varieties include Yorkshire’s most famous variety the Ribston Pippin, the distinctive Ashmeads Kernal and Dabineet and Michelin for cider.

Regather Farm - Volunteering


We’d love to show people our farm and offer the chance for people to get involved. For Volunteering opportunities please email us to find out more.

Regather Farm - Agroforestry


Agroforestry is a land management approach with multiple benefits. Planting trees on farms can give farmers healthier soil and higher yields – not to mention creating vital homes for wildlife. We are planning to develop our own Agroforestry system at the Regather Farm. Click here to find out more.

Doug Kemp, Regather Farm