About Us

Regather is a co-operative of local people working to improve food and build community in Sheffield. We run an organic farm, veg box scheme, and many other community projects.

In our organisation, we centre our work around care for our environment and the people in our community. Our priorities are:

1. More sustainably sourced food

2. More locally based economics

3. More democratically controlled systems

Just over a decade ago, Regather started as a group of individuals with a common interest in seeing their local community in Sheffield flourish. As a cooperative we embarked on many endeavours such as event production, education, baking, catering, music recording, and vegetable boxes. We’ve gone through several evolutions. For more than 4 years now, we’ve narrowed our focus on the goal of improving food for Sheffield.

Our veg box enables us to join forces with other local growers and independent businesses across the region to make it easy to shop local and provide the best quality, values driven products. Meanwhile, we’ve been growing our own locally sourced food for Sheffield via our Organic certified farm. We strive to work with the land around us to produce food in a way that provides habitat for wildlife and restores biodiversity while employing local community members at a real living wage.