57-59 Club Garden Rd, Sheffield, S11 8BU

TOWER OF BAGEL At last the real bagel comes to Sheffield!

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Tower of bagel is a pop-up bagel café, you can find their delicious vegan bagels with various fillings, soups and latkes at markets around Sheffield.

“I remember going to the Bagel shop as a child; the warm scent of freshly baked bagels, rye bread and pletzls swirling into the street. I have always wanted to bring that traditional
feeling and combine it with new and adventurous flavours. So, my bagels are traditionally made – hand-shaped, slow-proved, then kettle boiled before baking – from organic flour and all are vegan. Various versions of seeded bagels bring the tradition while the new and the colourful are brought to you by beetroot, spinach and black pepper or tumeric and cumin bagels. If you have a favourite flavour, let me know on @towerofbagel and it can be part of your Regather mix.”

Tower of Bagel in your Veg box:
Plain seeded bagel £1.2
Beetroot bagel £1.2
Turmeric and cumin bagel £1.2
Spinach and black pepper bagel £1.2
Surprise bagel (different surprise flavour every week) £1.2
Or 6 for £6.00

VISIT OUR BOX EXTRAS SHOP TO PLACE YOUR ORDER – https://regather.net/box/box-extras/

FOR REGATHER BOX CUSTOMERS PRIOR TO 2017 ONLY: If you have been a Regather box scheme customer before 1st January 2017 you won’t have a website user account – yet. We’re sorting this out for you as quickly as we can. In the meantime to order bagels please email [email protected]


A chance to win a free bag of bagels: Find a token in the bag, tweet a selfie with the token mentioning #ttobtoken and @towerofbagel to get a free mixed bag of four the following week!

Recipe for an all colours Bagel
Take one fresh beetroot and cumin bagel. Cut in half and spread with vegan marge or butter as preferred or drizzle a little olive oil.
Prepare some halloumi by cutting half cm thick slices and frying gently till golden brown on each side in a little oil (Try not be tempted to hurry this along. The results are much better if done slow)
While this is happening prepare some green salad: avocado or watercress and spinach works well and place on the bottom half of your bagel
When done place the halloumi slices on the salad, sprinkle with pepper to taste

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