Much Adu about 5-star cakes!

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Miss Adu’s Kitchen recently moved her food business to Regather Works. Charity aka Miss Adu currently has 3 projects underway, all taking place here at Regather Works. Firstly, her delightfully scrumptious gluten free cakes (which are available to order and at various pop up markets around the City); secondly, a monthly ‘Ghanaian Inspired Sunday Night Takeaway’ offering ‘A Taste of Ghana in Your Own Home’ (launching 6-9pm on Sunday 26th October 2014); and lastly, but by no means least, a very special ‘African Dinner Dance Experience’ in collaboration with Mulembas Africa Dance Classes. The first of these dinner dance events will take place here on Friday 5th December 2014 from 7 until 10pm. While we are on the subject on Miss Adu… we would like to congratulate Charity on receiving a whopping 5 stars from the Enviromental Health Authority….. Well done Miss Adu! If you want to find out more about holding your event at Regather or using our space/facilities get in touch!



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