Welcome to our new Veg Box Managers!

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This week we welcomed Fran and Luke into the co-operative as new project managers for the veg box. Fran and Luke are local growers who have just moved to Sheffield to start Full Circle Farm, an organic market garden which is part of the Sheffield Organic Growers and is based up at Hazlehurst in Moss Valley, Sheffield. Both Fran and Luke have run sizeable veg box schemes in the past so we’re glad to have their combined experience here as part of the co-operative. This seems like an appropriate point to say thank you to all those who have helped get the veg box this far, including our many volunteers box packers and delivery assistants! If you’re interested in getting a veg box containing organic and locally grown produce then check out the Regather Box here. To find out more about Full Circle Farm you can find them on Twitter at @FullCircle_Farm.

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