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The Regather ‘Supporting Food Growing in Schools’ Survey

The Regather ‘Supporting Food Growing in Schools’ Survey

In 2022 Regather successfully applied for funding from the Carbon Innovation Fund and the South Yorkshire Sustainability Centre. This funding will enable the Regather team to develop a new programme to support food growing in Sheffield schools over the next 3 years. To help us design and deliver the best possible service, we have designed a short survey which will enable Regather to learn about a school’s food growing support needs and to contact the right person to provide this support.

Why are we promoting food growing in schools?

Direct experience of food growing has many benefits for students, ranging from improvements in both mental and physical health to the enhancement of cross-curricular learning. School gardens have the potential to promote biodiversity, teach sustainable waste management techniques such as composting, and support and inspire good habits both at school and at home. The practical nature of food growing can connect children with the living environment, capturing the imagination of pupils who do not respond well to traditional classroom teaching and engaging those at risk of exclusion.

The link to the online survey can be found here. Every response is valuable to us and will help more children in our city realise the benefits of outdoor learning. If you know someone who works at school or college in Sheffield, please share this with them!

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