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Have you tasted Sheffield-made Savvy Spreads yet? Superbly versatile, delicious and nutritious to boot – Savvy Spreads are made with tahini and carob syrup and come in four exotic flavours including Cocoa and Wildflower Honey.  Made from 100% natural ingredients, with no oils, additives or refined sugar, Savvy Spreads make a great treat for active people, growing children and everyone in between. 

Last year, Savvy Foods Ltd made some of their delicious Savvy Spreads in the Regather kitchen as part of our Open Day.  

Jonathan and Katie, co-founders of Savvy Foods Ltd, said, ““The decision to make Savvy at Regather was intuitive and has paid off in numerous ways. We were drawn towards the communal aspects of working together as we have social values at our core.  Making Savvy, which is an all-natural wholefood, in a conducive, supportive atmosphere is important as we feel qualities of a wholesome environment somehow go into the food.” 

They also used the opportunity to sell their spreads, which went down really well with Regather visitors. 

The Regather Kitchen is the ideal facility for any business, community group or individual needing kitchen space.  Available to hire from just £25 an hour, it is a commercial grade, hygiene level 4 certified facility which comes complete with ample stainless steel food preparation surfaces, a double oven, 6 induction hobs and a full complement of food preparation equipment which may be used after an induction by the Kitchen manager.  

As well as Savvy Foods Ltd, other groups who have hired the kitchen include the Abundance Project, who used the space to operate their final apple pressing of Abundance Week, Cat Lane Bakery who ran a bread making workshop and local charity IBK, who offered its service users the chance to learn cooking skills. 

For more information, or to view the Regather kitchen, contact us today! 


Look out for Savvy Spreads on sale at local retailers, including Wicker Herbal in Sheffield city centre and Sharrow Marrow on Sharrow Vale Road.  A full list of stockists is available here.    

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