Regather Community Apple Pressing

The UK produces excellent crops of a wide variety of apples each autumn. But with so many apples being ready in one go, simply scoffing them isn’t always an option. We want to make sure Sheffield’s urban apples don’t go to waste. For the past 3 years we have received apple donations from orchards and gardens all over Sheffield and turned them into apple juice. With the abundance of donations we have received last year we have had to rethink our pressing system altogether so we can make the most of the local produce donated.
As a result of this, we won’t be pressing in Regather this year but at the Grizzly Grains brewery (Unit 6, Duchess Road, Sheffield, S2 4BB) where we’ll be pressing on Fridays. 

Because we’re not pressing at Regather we will follow a strict donation and pressing calendar. Please note that unless arranged with the pressing team WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE DONATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE TIMES AND DATES OF THE PRESSING CALENDAR AND WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE ANY DONATIONS AT REGATHER.

Drop-Off Dates

FRIDAYS IN SEPTEMBER: 10TH : 2pm – 5pm 17TH : 9am – 4pm24TH: 9am – 4pm

FRIDAYS IN OCTOBER: 1ST : 9am – 4pm8TH: 9am – 4pm15TH: 9am – 4pm22ND : 9am – 4pm

Grizzly Grains Brewery
Unit 6
Duchess Road
S2 4BB


Bring the apples to the Grizzly Grains site.
Bring your apples and we will give you 25% of the volume of juice as fresh juice. We will let you know when it is ready.
Bring them to: Grizzly Grains Brewery, Unit 6, Duchess Road, Sheffield, S4 4BB

Weighing Your Fruit
When you bring your apples to us we will weigh them, this is called the ‘Dry Weight’.
We estimate that we can extract 50% of the juice from your donation and this is called the ‘Wet Weight’.

As an example
You bring us 50kg of fruit…
We guarantee that we can extract 25 litres of the juice from these apples.
You get 25% of that 25 litres bottled fresh juice when it has been pressed.

The pressing team are only on the pressing site a day a week so we will be open for donations according to the ‘Drop-Off Dates’.

If you aren’t able to make it on any of these days please email Clem at [email protected] so you can arrange for a more suitable drop-off. Note that we will not be able to accept donations made at Regather because we don’t have the capacity.

We are still operating on social distancing rules and ask you to wear a mask when dropping off your apples to minimise the risks for our staff and the community.


Please remember we cannot process rotten or mouldy fruit. Freshly picked, ripe fruit is best.

If you pick and store your apples before we can use them then please check for any rotten or mouldy apples. Some light bruising, stalks and leaves are all fine.

Windfall apples are fine as long as you don’t have pets roaming the garden
All types of apples are great, a good mix of varieties gives the best results. Cookers and eaters are all welcome as they help balance sweetness and acidity. Even apples you wouldn’t consider eating are good (as long as not rotten of course). We can’t take any pear or other fruit donations as we don’t have the right kit to process them.