The Refill Revolution Starts here!

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Regather is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Regather Refills’ with an opening range of Bio-D cleaning products.

At Regather we share the widely held opinion that a lot of packaging is unnecessary – so we’ve removed it. Regather Refills will allow you to just bring your own containers and reuse them each time you shop. We’ve been inspired by the rapidly growing BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) movement in N. America, the old ‘Scoop and Save’ style high street stores from a few decades ago and UK based initiatives such as Unpackaged in London. We all share the belief that there is a better way to sell products without unnecessary packaging, but without giving up the convenience and affordability of buying only the products you need in the quantities you need them.

Over the coming months Regather will be adding new ‘refill’ products to the range, including dry goods such as sugar, rice and flour, household essentials such as toiletpaper and kitchen roll and fresh food and drink products. The Regather Refill range will be available in the Regather Box for home delivery and in-store collection and – if you like to do your shopping the tradition way – at the Regather Shop based at our Club Garden Road premises in Sharrow. All the Regather Refill products will be carefully selected to adhere to the Regather ethos and to promote locality, quality, sustainability and affordability. 

Our opening product range from Yorkshire based Bio-D passed this selection process with flying colours. Bio-D is a Hull based family business manufacturing biodegradable household cleaning products using detergents derived from natural sources right here in Yorkshire. Their products are affordable, environmentally responsible, ethically sound, safe to use and have a minimal environmental impact on our planet. It’s a thumbs up to Bio-D from Regather!

To purchase Regather Refills simply add these items to your Regather Box or call in at the Regather Shop Thurs & Fri 1-6pm.

For more info contact Nicole Jewitt telephone 0114 2731258 / 07973506808 or email [email protected]


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