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In the run-up to Easter, we're supplying delectable hot cross buns from Forge Bakehouse: cranberry & orange; chocolate & ginger. Have them as a morning sweet treat following this healthy seasonal breakfast recipe: one-pan mushrooms, eggs, kale and garlic.

Hot cross buns! And a savoury breakfast course from the Regather box

In the run-up to Easter, we are supplying delectable hot cross buns made by our friends at Forge Bakehouse. Two flavours – cranberry & orange, chocolate & ginger.  Forge HCBs are probably the best Easter buns I’ve ever eaten:  a real treat at breakfast or lunchtime.  Why not spoil yourself also with some specialty loose-leaf tea, coffee or vegan hot choc from our other excellent Sheffield-based suppliers – Birdhouse Tea, Twin Café and Truffle Pig.  Check out our online shop for all the buns and beverages.

Speaking of seasonal breakfasting, last Saturday the veg box provided all the ingredients for a delicious weekend brekky:  sautéed mushrooms with garlic, poached egg, some sliced avocado, and shredded curly kale stir-fried in a wok until nearly crispy and then drizzled with lemon juice. Here’s an energy-saving, simple one-pan version, courtesy of bbcgoodfood.com.  Just add some sliced or mashed avocado to the plate. (Our organic avocados are ethically grown in Spain.)

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