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Price Rises

polytunnel growing tomatoes

Back in January 2022 there was no Russian invasion of Ukraine or “cost-of-living crisis” constantly on the news and things were starting to feel a bit more “normal” again post-Covid. As we start 2023, we’ve all had to weather a tough winter of inflation and worker strikes, and Regather is facing some of its biggest financial challenges. 

Our staff are absolutely heroic, constantly going the extra mile and always committed to providing the best customer service we can. One way we recognise this is by being a Real Living Wage employer. For 22/23 the new rate of pay for our staff has now increased from £9.90 to £10.90. In order to honour this commitment to pay fair wages, we have to pass on some of this increase to our customers. To not do so, would risk the sustainability of the organisation. Having achieved so much, we don’t want to stop now. Therefore, from the 13th February the cost of each fruit and veg box will be increasing by 60p. 

Price increases when things are hard for everyone, is a difficult choice to make. So we have crunched the numbers, reduced costs where we can and tried to find the right balance in our price increase. With costs going up everywhere, we still believe we offer a good solution to our customers who want to shop local, source good healthy food, for a fair price. 

Your choice to support Regather and buy our products, is also a choice to:

  • Support the farmers: Supporting local, organic farming means sticking with the farmers when the ground conditions are more difficult and when their prices go up. By doing so, we not only send you quality local and organic food but we also support organic farms which are under growing financial pressure.
  • Support Regather farm: When our Regather growing team isn’t harvesting in the winter and early spring, they are working really hard on propagation and preparing the ground and their polytunnels ready for planting out. The success of our veg box scheme is crucial to covering the farm’s costs and investing in increased production of locally grown Organic vegetables.
  • Support our staff: Regather is accredited with the Real Living Wage Foundation: we have made the commitment to offer our staff a wage which is based on the cost of living and ensure that our staff can meet their basic needs. 

The 60p increase will be applied automatically to orders from w/c 13th February.

The new prices will be as follows : 

Veg box
Basic veg box£7.35
Small veg box£7.95
Medium veg box£10.70
Large veg box£14.10
Extra large veg box£23.45
Uk grown veg box£14.20
Plastic free veg box£14.20
No potato small veg box£8.95
No potato medium veg box£11.70
No potato large veg box£15.45
Veg Box New Prices
Fruit box
Extra small fruit box£5.70
Small fruit box£7.70
Medium fruit box£9.80
Large fruit box£11.70
Extra large fruit box£13.95
Fruit box new prices

If you would like to amend your order, you can do so by logging into your account or you can email us at [email protected]

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