Beetroot, lentils, garam masala


With that beautiful beetroot picture posted by Clem on social media last Friday, how could this week’s recipe not feature the beets. This one is from Nigel Slater’s lovely little book, Greenfeast autumn, winter. Yep, we’ve properly started autumn… a gorgeous season if you have the pleasure of working with fresh produce. As a meal, this is an all-time favourite. …

Luscious carrot dal with spinach


This recipe appeared in The Guardian a few years ago in a feature by Anna Jones on one-pot meals. It’s been a go-to dal recipe ever since. Using red lentils makes it quite speedy without compromising the rich, warm flavours of the south Indian spices. Do use fresh curry leaves if you can get them (try Ozmen). Eat with plain …

Cauliflower, red lentil and bulgur wheat korma


Get some wholegrain and pulses as well as veg into your bowl with this simple vegan recipe. Adapted from the book ‘Grains as Mains: Modern Recipes using Ancient Grains’ by Laura Agar Wilson.