Black rice stuffed pumpkin


A baked and stuffed winter squash or pumpkin is such a gorgeous, enticing dish. With Halloween and Bonfire Night around the corner, for the filling you can’t go wrong with a smoky bean chilli (recipes abound on the web). But for something a bit different – still umami-rich and nutritious – try this dish by Sophie Gordon from the book …

Red-cooked squash


Our autumn/winter squash season is now in full flow.  These beautiful veg have been looking fab in the boxes lately and now you can also order a large (1.0-1.5kg) locally grown organic squash as an extra. We have collected an excellent set of squash recipes on our website over recent years. Last autumn we featured a dish which became my …

Vegan Thai red curry


Just the thought of a fragrant Thai curry sets the mouth watering. The beauty of this recipe – by the BOSH! team, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby – is that you can be pretty flexible with the summer veg elements, guided by your veg box (of course!).  Of the veg listed, we’d say tomatoes and mushrooms are vital to the …

Flash-fried sticky tofu with green beans


While my favourite and default way to have green beans is simmered gently with fresh tomatoes and onion, or in a Niçoise salad, sometimes it’s good to reach into the recipe books. This dish by Anna Jones from ‘One Pot, Pan, Planet’ is totally worth a trip to a Chinese supermarket to get some Sichuan peppercorns and authentic black bean …

Aloo baingan – potato and aubergine curry


The end of Ramadan is fast approaching and Eid al-Fitr celebrations begin on 2nd May so our recipe this week is inspired by the feasting! We’ve chosen a dish from a feature by food blogger Izzah at Tea for Turmeric on traditional Pakistani Eid recipes. For this vegan Aloo Baingan, use organic potatoes, onions and an aubergine from the veg …

Citrus and cashew nut salad (with winter veg)


Another excellent Nigel Slater recipe from a recent edition of Observer Food Monthly. Regather box contents in February/March are absolutely made for this dish: grapefruit, orange, beetroot, cabbage, fennel, celeriac. Plus cashew nuts and a very zingy dressing. You can substitute other preferred root veg (e.g. carrot) and green cabbage for the red, or why not sprinkle on some lush …

Anna Jones’ baked red lentil dhal with tamarind-glazed sweet potato


Quick-cooking red lentils are THE most versatile dried pulse and we are now stocking organic red lentils by Suma. Great for soups, stews and dhals – and for sneaking some plant-source protein into tomato-based pasta sauces for fussy kids.  An Indian dhal is a lovely partner for curried veg from the box, or just some simple roasted kale or roots.  …

Ethiopian spicy yellow split pea stew


We’re so pleased to be stocking new vegan products by Suma including organic yellow split peas. These protein-packed gems have a subtle, distinctive taste which really shines in a plain Greek-style fava dip. Also, they can turn a simple chunky veg soup into a balanced meal. (I like to batch-cook a large quantity of split peas until they’re starting to …

Roast root vegetable soup


If you’re looking for a healthy seasonal veg soup recipe to recalibrate your post-Christmas body and mind, look no further! No fewer than SEVEN items from the typical Regather veg/fruit array in December/January – nine if you count the optional extras of fresh organic ginger and garlic. Huge thanks to customer Annette for submitting this recipe.

‘Surprisingly delicious cabbage’


Cabbages are so underrated. I’m always delighted to have one in my veg box because it can go into so many favourite autumn/winter dishes. Stir-fried with other veg plus cashews or tofu; added towards the end of simmering a soupy stew of potato, beans, onion, tomato and paprika; a Keralan cabbage thoran with coconut and chilli; gently stewed with sliced …