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Do you need some expert advice on how to transform your garden or green space into the wildlife-friendly haven of your dreams?  Maybe you are a potential backyard farmer but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want the best of both these worlds? Let us help.

This garden design service caters for households, community groups in need of support to realise a project, and organisations that want to improve the biodiversity and fruitfulness of their land.  

Regather's nature-inspired design service brings ecological planting and practical approaches to food production together.  Whether you are thinking of growing your own vegetables, planting fruit trees, building a pond or making a meadow, we can show you how to combine the elements that create a vibrant and biodiverse garden or green space.

Garden Consultation

Got questions about problem weeds?  Want to know the best spot to plant a tree?  Need advice on where to put a pond?  

Arrange for our garden designer to visit your garden and provide a verbal consultation, where written notes are taken. The duration of each visit depends on garden size and complexity. The average time is 90 minutes and an hour is the minimum.

You will also receive our ’Essential Plants’ list, of 70+ tried and tested low-maintenance food and wildlife plants. This list will help you get your garden project off to a great start.

Consultation price: £50 for the first hour, then £15 for each subsequent 30 minutes.

regather garden consultation voucher

Garden Consultation Voucher

Why not give the gift of time for the plant lover in your life.  £65 for an hour and a half of professional advice.  To purchase, click here.

"From a two hour consultation I now have a much clearer vision for my garden. How to look after what we already have and new plants that are best suited to the different areas. It's saved me a lot of time in research and trial and error, as well as proving ideas that I would never have thought of without outside expertise. Well worth the investment!" - Jean Hamilton

Simple Garden Design

Our designer walks with you around your garden, discussing your needs, what you want to achieve and what is possible.  A typical visit is around 90 minutes to two hours long, although it depends on garden size and the nature of the project.

At this stage a draft plan is produced, based upon a site survey that takes lighting and other conditions into account. This is then interpreted into a simple garden plan, including the following elements:

  • planting mixes by area
  • spot planting: large herbaceous, shrubs & trees
  • ponds, new structures, raised beds & more*
  • a spreadsheet with plant quantities & material sources

Garden design pricing is based on garden size:

  • £300 for up to 100m2
  • £360 / 200m2
  • £415 / 300m2
  • £470 / 400m2

*Detailed construction drawings, if required, are charged extra.

We design larger sites too.
Need a whole landscape design or largescale planting scheme? Please get in touch to discuss your particular needs.

Alpine Road, Upperthorpe - simple garden design plus staged approach to installation

A simple design featuring a staged approach to installing the garden.

Detailed planting information spreadsheet
An example of the detailed plant information, including flowering times and blossom colours, provided with each commissioned design.
Raised garden with wildlife planting & new pond.
Bespoke planters with rainwater irrigation system.
Rear terrace garden with wildflower borders.
Chloe's finished garden design
Chloe's finished garden design
Chloe's finished garden design
Chloe's rear of terrace garden design.  The space may be compact but it is now bursting with wildlflowers and edible plants. Using planters arranged on existing decking, the vertical growing space is maximised and rain is harvested for watering vegetables. 

Detailed Planting Plans

For those customers wishing to know exact positions for each plant, rather than working from the planting mixes offered with the Simple Design service, we can provide a Detailed Planting Plan. This is also useful where only a limited area within a garden requires a design.

This service is priced by the square metre.  To arrange a visit and get a free quote for the work, please get in touch.

    Detailed planting plan
    A detailed planting plan with exact positions of all plants used within the design scheme.

    Tailored Garden Support

    This service has been developed for schools, community groups and other organisations who have land but need advice before they realise their gardening ambitions.  

    Includes standard elements from the Simple Garden Design package, plus options for: 

    • crop rotation plans 
    • maintenance schedules  
    • plant uses/description tables
    • practical planting workshops

    As this is a bespoke service that is designed to meet specific requirements, please get in touch using the form below.

    Garden Installation

    While many customers like to prep and install the designs we provide, we understand that for some folks this is just too big a task.  You can now hire our team of conscientious gardeners to bring a garden design to life.  We will take care of ordering all the materials and any site clearance required before the new planting goes in.

    This collection of photos shows the progress of Lauren's large garden installation, from a plot overgrown with nettles and bracken to a freshly planted woodland wildflower scheme that will thrive under the dappled shade of mature trees.

    If you are interested in this service, please ask for more information when you book a design visit.

    Lauren's garden before clearing and new planting
    Lauren's garden before removal of problem weeds.
    Lauren's garden before clearing and new planting
    Lauren's garden before new planting installed.
    Lauren's garden after new planting and mulching
    New planting installed and mulched with woodchip.
    Planting wildflowers in the cleared borders
    Planting wildflowers in the cleared borders.
    A habitat pile made from waste wood from garden clearance
    Habitat pile made from cleared waste wood.
    Planting herbs in the cleared borders
    Planting herbs in the cleared borders.

    Workshops & presentations

    Our small team of gardeners can be hired to deliver practical gardening workshops.  An example of which is our ongoing relationship with School Food Matters to deliver food growing sessions in Sheffield schools.  We also run a programme of growing skills sessions at the Club Garden community greenspace - this year we are working with children, young people and families from Highfield Adventure Playground.

    If you are looking for visual presentations on a range of gardening and ecological themes then our designer Fran has a decade’s worth of experience delivering talks for community groups and third sector organisations.

    Presentation themes are listed here.  A two hour long presentation is £80, plus travel time and mileage.

    Here's some feedback from a staff training session with Grow UK.

     “Enjoyed the gardening training. Has made me reassess my garden.”

     “Enjoyed the training from Regather... …Very interesting and informative.

    Meet our garden designer

    Fran Halsall has been gardening since the age of ten, beginning with a herb patch that ignited her interest in ‘useful’ plants. It was a passion for both nature and design that led Fran to study for an MA in Landscape Architecture at The University of Sheffield. 

    Fran's speciality is ecological design and landscape management, meaning that she is capable of working at all scales: from back gardens to public parks. Having designed two community growing spaces, for Kenwood Community Growers and for Food Works, Fran is well versed in getting the maximum potential from the land.

    Fran combines in-depth plant knowledge, including how wildlife interacts with different species, with practically-focused design. This approach will help you to get the most out of your plot, whatever its size.

    fran undertaking a garden design survey

    Area of service coverage

    If your garden or project lies within four miles of the city centre, then mileage is included in the price. We do serve areas beyond this boundary, however mileage will be charged for each mile outside the service area.  This is to reflect both the additional travel time and the cost of fuel.

    garden services Sheffield area

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