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Connecting Ethical Food Traders is More Important Than Ever

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The Better Food Traders network connects and supports ethical food traders all over the country, helping us to disrupt the food system. After all, no organisation is an island, and together we can harness our values and creativity to make real change. The initiative is aimed at retailers, veg box schemes, markets and other retail models. The accreditation schemes are based on models that involve low waste, better margins for farms and nature-friendly farming. Sound like your organisation fits the bill? Find out more about how Better Food Traders supports us and why we think they’re great.

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Connecting traders

Better Food Traders offers is a chance to join forces with like-minded organisations, to make real change together. In our previous post we talked about Better Food Traders’ values that we share such as sourcing food sustainably, trading fairly, operating in a low carbon way and being purpose rather than profit driven. Not only do our values align, but Better Food Traders helps us connect with other similar box schemes around the country to share ideas, problem-solve and work together to make sustainable food trading a norm in the UK.

“Ultimately we want every shop, box scheme, market stall and retailer committed to the environment, to fairness in the food system and to providing people with great local food to join the Better Food Traders,”

Natasha Soares, Better Food Traders

Data tracking

As a Better Food Trader, we have committed to prioritising UK organic and agro-ecologically-grown produce. Their in-house data team supports us to gather and track this data. Not only is this great for us, because we get a really clear picture of who we’re spending money with and where we could make changes, it’s helpful for really understanding our impact. Better Food Traders is not only focused on helping us keep on top of our data, they have supported us in spreading the word.

Spreading the word

Monthly marketing meetings with other members give us the opportunity to talk to traders around the country, comparing notes and sharing ideas. Better Food Traders also offer amazing (free!) workshops on skills like Search Engine Optimisation that are specifically designed for ethical box schemes like us. They run campaigns highlighting members and the fantastic work they’re doing. Every year they update the Better Food Traders map, which now has more than 50 members on it! And we’ve not even mentioned the extensive shared resource library – from impact report guidance to images and research.

Resources aside, the huge benefit of being a Better Food Trader, for us, is connecting with other similar traders around the country. As we all face huge challenges, knowing we can talk things through with others is really important. And we just love celebrating the passion and hard work of our fellow Better Food Traders.

Healthier food, healthier planet, healthier people

Better Food Traders is motivated to support ethical food traders like us, but it’s also there for growers and consumers. They champion fair returns to farmers and growers and they want to help more people around the country connect with better food. By working with traders, the network is a force for change in our food systems, and we’re really proud to be a part of that.

“As a small organisation formed of people from many different backgrounds with lots of passion but not a lot of training or experience, Better Food Traders has been a huge support, particularly when our box numbers jumped dramatically over the lockdowns. We really value being able to link up with lots of different people doing a similar thing. This has been a benefit in terms of gaining a better understanding of how much time people are spending on marketing, accounts etc as well as being part of a bigger support network.”

Melanie – Pennine Cropshare, Hebden Bridge

Are you a trader looking for support and connections? Find out more on the Better Food Traders website, or get in touch with us [email protected]

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