You are invited to join Regather’s membership

Who are we?

Regather is a co-operative of local people working to improve food and build community in Sheffield.  We run an organic farm, veg box scheme, and many other community projects.

Our goals

In our organisation, we centre our work around care for our environment and the people in our community. Our priorities are:

1. More sustainably sourced food

2. More locally based economics

3. More democratically controlled systems

What are we offering?

We are inviting you to become a member and have an active role in our decision making processes. You are eligible to purchase a £1 share in our cooperative if you are at least 16 years old and support our values and goals.

Why join us?

Membership with us means you are part of our community. You will be entitled to voting rights on our strategic directions. You will have access to all membership events and first hand information about all of our community events. Your support will mean that our work has broader reach and more impact. 

How to sign up for membership

To apply for membership simply fill out the Membership Application form and send us £1 to purchase your share. Once your application is approved by our board of directors you will receive a membership number and certificate.


Read the membership info packet here.

International co-operative principles: