Eimear O'Donovan

Eimear O’Donovan


Eimear joined Regather in February 2020 as bar and events manager, bringing a wealth of industry experience in events and hospitality; from music, theatre and virtual reality productions to local DIY and feminist organising.

Due to COVID-19, Regather suspended our events operations in March 2020 to focus our resources on our box scheme. Eimear is currently part of our box team, helping with packing and admin. While she’s been enjoying the proximity to beautiful produce and the pack-line camaraderie, Eimear hopes that there will soon come a day when Regather Works will once again host music, comedy and community events, and looks forward to welcoming you all here when that time comes.

In non-work (and non-pandemic) time, Eimear enjoys Sacred Harp singing, playing in bands and going to gigs and festivals.