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The Hungry Gap

Rachel Regather

What is the hungry gap? The alluring mirage of the perpetual summer, manufactured by supermarkets in the UK, means most people are unfamiliar with the dreaded “hungry gap”. But for a period of a few months, after the cabbages and kale have bolted, and before the first broad beans are ready, UK farmers are unable to grow viable veg. Fruit …

Sheffield Hedge Fund

Gareth Regather, Regather Farm Leave a Comment

Regather proudly presents the Sheffield Hedge Fund! Support the Sheffield Hedge Fund, help plant 1000m of new hedgerow and give a truly amazing gift which will benefit local wildlife & ecosystems, and will keep on growing… forever! Help Plant 1000m of New Hedgerow What will we do? – The newly planted hedgerow will offer a rich mix of native British hedge …