Twin Cafe Single Origin Dark Roast Coffee (250g)

From: £6.00 every 2 weeks on Tuesday

Grown on co-operative farms in Sheffield’s twin town of Esteli, Nicaragua, and roasted in Sheffield.

This dark roasted single origin coffee is a rare breed! A full bodied coffee with a sweet and mellow finish. What better way to celebrate 30 years of friendship than with a cup of Twin Cafe anniversary roast.

Choose to order whole beans or coffee ground for cafetiere.


Please note all products from Twin Cafe are NOT certified Organic.

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First payment: 19/02/2019

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(If you’d like to order Coffee ground for espresso or the Light Roast, please contact us to make a special request!)

The Twin cafe ethos is to pay farmers a fair wage, build links between twinned cities, invest profits into projects for both communities and provide delicious coffee.

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