The Plastic Free Box

From: £11.50 every 2 weeks

The Regather Plastic Free Box is filled with seasonal, Organic produce, all grown as locally as possible, none of it packaged in single use plastics. Each box usually contains 10 portions, including 2 fruit portions for £11.50

This box option has been introduced as part of a growing campaign to reduce use of single-use plastics.

Regather already works directly with local farms, to find better ways of packaging fresh fruit and veg, and we are determined to find simple ways to cut plastic use and reduce waste.

We already re-use (again and again) the boxes our veg is delivered in, and have been overjoyed this summer as our local farmers moved from single use plastics to biodegradable plastics and paper bags

Let us know in the likes / dislikes section any extra specifications for tailoring your box to your needs (e.g. ‘UK only’, ‘No turnips’ etc)

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