Stanage Millstone Cheese (av. 180g)

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Stanage Millstone is a soft bloomy rind pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. It is handmade by James and Sophie at Cow Close Farm just below Stanage Edge, in the Peak District village of Hathersage.

Stanage Millstone has a soft bloomy rind which encases a rich buttery flavour and texture, with a deep golden colour curd paste. When the cheese is young and only just reached maturity, the centre is still a little flaky, and citrus tastes are present. When the cheese is allowed to continue to mature for another 2 to 3 weeks, the flaky centre gives way to a gooey rich texture, and an intense flavour. The cheeses are a 9cm round with a hole in the centre to mimic a Millstone (which dot the land all around the farm) and they are individually wrapped weighing above 170g.

Stanage Millstone cheese is made from whole pasteurised cow’s milk, and the tiniest amount of cheese starter culture, vegetarian rennet, and salt.


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Cow Close Farm are James and Sophie, Artisan Cheesemakers, producing handmade cheese beneath Stanage Edge, in the Peak District village of Hathersage.

The cheese is made with milk from their neighbour’s herd of robotically milked black and white, and brown swiss cows. The great thing about the robotic milker is that the cows are able to choose when they are ready to be milked.

The cheese has been on the market since late April 2016 and is being received fantastically. Production quantities are intentionally kept low in order to ensure the cheese is always of the highest quality while James and Sophie learn how the milk differs throughout the course of the year, as the cows go through different lactation cycles and move from inside to out. Each Stanage Millstone is ready to eat approx. 28 days after production and continue to mature up until their shelf life of a further 42 days.