Organic Pumpkin Oil

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil cultivated and cold pressed in the Styria area of Austria. The oil has a unique dark green colour and nutty aroma.

Produced in a traditional, mild and sustainable way without filtering or refining. Pumpkin seeds are harvested, ground in the traditional stone mill, mixed with water and salt, gently heated and then carefully processed in a stamp press. After this procedure the precious oil is pressed and stored in a cask. The oil is rested for a few days until the suspended solids settle, before bottling.

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100% cold pressed Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

This dark and delicious pumpkin seed oil comes from Kalsdorf/Ilz in the middle of the South-East Styrian region of hot spring resorts in Austria. The Schalk family have been pressing Styrian Pumpkin seed Oil for almost 70 years, and using sustainable production techniques and traditional manufacturing processes. Just have a look at the gorgeous pictures of the mill!

Certified by SGS Austria

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