Forge Bakehouse Pizza Dough Balls

From: £0.90 every 2 weeks

Forge’s baguette dough is a mix of sourdough with fresh yeast and is sold unbaked in one pizza base ready portion –  just roll out and add toppings to create your own pizza.

The pizza dough is kept refrigerated until it gets to you, it’s best refrigerated until you use it, and the sooner you use it the better, though it’ll keep for a few days and still taste great.

For the dream pizza, sprinkle your worktop with semolina, then roll out the pizza dough, add toppings and bake in a hot oven until cooked – the dough should be thin so wont take long to cook.


Please note, all Forge products are NOT certified Organic.


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Providing the good folk of Sheffield and beyond with fresh bread and pastries since November 2012.

Forge like to make things simply. Food produced with good ingredients, over long periods of time without the use of improvers or additives. They make everything from scratch, which means everyone knows exactly what’s in it.