Birdhouse Tea – Classic Earl Grey – Loose Leaf (100g)

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Classic and delicious, Earl Grey from Birdhouse is a seductive blend of precious teas from China with a full-bodied and elegant flavour. The Guild of Fine food 2015 gold star award winning classic Earl Grey includes bergamot oil for that truly authentic taste.

Ingredients: Black Tea and Bergamot Oil.


Please note, all Birdhouse products are NOT certified Organic.

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Why go loose leaf with the Birdhouse?

Birdhouse is a Sheffield based independent, who blend a huge range of delicious teas.

Birdhouse teas are single origin, and only come from suppliers from the ethical tea partnership.

With loose leaf tea you control how much you use, perfecting the brew to suit your personal tastes.

Loose leaf tea is the most environmentally friendly way to take tea – no bleached teabags, no plastic teabags, just use the tea, then chuck it straight onto the compost.