Roast root vegetable soup


If you’re looking for a healthy seasonal veg soup recipe to recalibrate your post-Christmas body and mind, look no further! No fewer than SEVEN items from the typical Regather veg/fruit array in December/January – nine if you count the optional extras of fresh organic ginger and garlic. Huge thanks to customer Annette for submitting this recipe.

Roast turnip, potato and garlic with harissa and orange


Clem’s brief this week was an emphatic “SWEDES AND TURNIPS! So, first to swede: totally delish in a potato dauphinoise or boulangère – just alternate thinly sliced swede with each potato layer. Now for turnips. A mixture of chunked turnip and potato is great as the roots component of a spicy saag aloo, but for today’s recipe we’ve gone with …