Runner bean, onion and olive tortilla


Our organic runner beans are at their peak. On the farm and on the allotment it’s such a pleasure to see them hanging heavy and splendid from the climbing vine. Here’s an easy and healthy weekend breakfast or lunch dish using runner beans – plus onion, garlic and eggs, and some olives for piquancy. Serve with bread and fresh tomatoes.

Sri Lankan Runner Bean Curry


Yes, the second recipe in two weeks inspired by the fabulous cuisines of south Asia (and the second in a row from With beans running rampant for farmers and allotmenteers alike, they were a must for this page this week. You could substitute other green beans for runners but adjust the cooking time. For purists who want a simpler …

Spicy smoky runner beans and tomato


It’s late September and runner beans rule. They lend themselves to both spicy and subtle flavours. We’re going with punchy spice here. This dish is best cooked a day ahead, letting the flavours get even cosier. No need for precision: this recipe is super-flexible, so go with your whims. If you want intense tomato to dominate, add an extra tin …

Green bean salad with mustard seeds and tarragon


The perfect July salad:  gloriously green, high-summer seasonal, super-nutritious, and really pretty on the serving plate.  It’s an Ottolenghi recipe (from ‘Plenty’) and the flavour tones are complex but balanced. Serve alongside a new potato salad or a potato curry.