Spiced parsnip and potato mash


Parsnips are in the love/hate marmite category of veg, but we are firmly in the love camp. We’re welcoming back these roots for the autumn-winter season with a zesty but comforting buttery mash with chilli, coriander, turmeric and lemon.  A great way to dial down the sweetness of parsnips. The recipe specifies dried turmeric but you could try using some …

Marmite roasted new potatoes with watercress sauce (and more)


This is the last week at Regather for the wonderful Kes and Ruby. They have done so much… including van and trike deliveries, box packing and marketing. While it’s tough to say goodbye, we’re so excited for them too – they’re off for adventures in The Netherlands where Ruby will do a PhD.Their recipe choice for us is a fantastic …

Garlicky roasted potato salad


Recently The Guardian did a special on potato salads – 10 different recipes, chosen by the always amusing Stuart Heritage. This is one of them, Spanish-style, taken from www.food52.com. It’s only 8am as I write this, but it’s making my mouth water! Fried potatoes with loads of garlic, summer style, yum. The recipe calls for small spuds but just cut …

Patatas bravas


Just the words ‘patatas bravas’ make the mouth water! We love turning our attention to the staples in the box – potatoes, onions and carrots – and we’ve gone with a classic dish today. Recipe by Jamie Oliver. Don’t forget you can add organic garlic and tinned tomatoes to your Regather order via the online shop. So why not make …

Miso roast squash and potatoes with kale and almonds


We’re into December! Time for the festive recipes to start. Starting off nice and easy with this gorgeous dish is by Anna Jones, veg cookery maestro. If you can’t get hold of a butternut squash, go with a dark green/grey-skinned squash with the rich orange flesh. You could even try seasonal sweet potato instead.We want to feature the ultimate festive …

Roast turnip, potato and garlic with harissa and orange


Clem’s brief this week was an emphatic “SWEDES AND TURNIPS! So, first to swede: totally delish in a potato dauphinoise or boulangère – just alternate thinly sliced swede with each potato layer. Now for turnips. A mixture of chunked turnip and potato is great as the roots component of a spicy saag aloo, but for today’s recipe we’ve gone with …

Split pea and veg soup


Back to basics this week with a simple, hearty and very healthy soup. Yellow peas/lentils bring a lovely flavour but if you want a quicker process go with split red lentils which don’t need soaking and boiling first. This soup is great with dark rye bread – either Tower of Bagel’s or Forge’s Dark Peak.

Leek and potato gratin


After last week’s sweet, rich and indulgent crumble recipe, this week we’re going down the healthy route. Leeks and potatoes are of course made for each other but if you’re not quite ready for soups yet, try this lovely homely gratin. If you have some tomatoes knocking around, some grilled toms would make a nice accompaniment. Recipe from thedoctorskitchen.com.