Plum, blackberry and bay friand bake


It’s plum season! And local blackberries are starting to ripen, so put this delectable pud on your To Do list. Friands with your cup of coffee are wildly popular in Australia and New Zealand and are similar to French ‘financiers’. The basic batter is made of ground almonds, egg whites, sugar, butter and not much flour.  Typically friands are dainty, …

Plum salad (with crumbly cheese, green leaves and almonds)


Make the most of summer’s plums with this mouth-watering salad-y dish. Fruit and tangy cheese are a fantastic combination and the savoury umami kick of the dressing transforms it into something not too pudding-ish. Recipe from Rosie Reynolds and published in The Guardian in “10 Best Plum Recipes” special.

Plum cake with coconut and almond


Don’t be deceived by its modest appearance. Once tasted, the only word is… swoon! This recipe is adapted from one by the wonderful Ottolenghi. We used red-fleshed plums but other summer stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, apricots) would be lovely too. Great as a pudding but forget the cream – no embellishing needed.