Butternut squash lasagna


Vegetable lasagna has been on Clem’s mind lately, and Clem’s wish is my command! Cue some beautiful organic butternut squashes in most boxes this week – et voilà – a garlicky butternut lasagna. And it’s vegan, too. So, if you’re craving the comfort of pasta plus a bit of meditative assembly time in the kitchen, look no further.  Recipe from …

Veg dumplings for Lunar New Year


On Sunday 22 January, it’s Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year. It’s Year of the Rabbit! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own dumplings, now is the time. There’s a lot of recipes online, but we’ve gone for one by vegan food blogger Bianca Zapatka. Her veg combo is bang-on seasonally perfect for our boxes:  cabbage, leek, mushrooms, …

Root veg stew with Guinness


A very happy 2023 to you all! We’re back from our break and getting busy at HQ taking delivery of lots of lovely winter produce ready for your boxes this week. Our recipe to kick off the new year is going back to basics using box stalwarts carrots, potatoes and onions, plus swede or turnips.  A vegan Irish stew, essentially. …

Mushroom and veg pie with parsnip rosti topping


It was Regather’s prize-winning flower grower/wrangler/designer, Rachel, who recommended this dish the other day. Mushrooms, onions and winter roots in a lovely mustardy gravy and a crispy topping.  That’s a Goldilocks dish: not too heavy, not too light. Rachel tells me the recipe doesn’t suffer for having less than the full whack of mushrooms – use what you have.  And we …

Risotto with mushrooms, sage and chestnuts


We have two new deliciously earthy extras available for your veg box via our online shop:  UK-grown organic mushrooms in a 300g portion. Fresh organic sweet chestnuts from France – Bouche de Betizac. Or have you been foraging for your own chestnuts in our beautiful Sheffield woodlands!? Either way, instructions for roasting chestnuts below. Delicious on their own, but if …

Kale and mushroom pasta bake


Have you been craving a homey, hearty pasta bake since the weather turned? Here it is – using organic curly kale, fresh from our local farms. Kale is settling in for its solid season in the veg boxes. So versatile:  soups, stews, pasta, risottos, stir-fries or just roasted into kale crisps. We’d love to hear your favourite ways to cook …

Vegan Thai red curry


Just the thought of a fragrant Thai curry sets the mouth watering. The beauty of this recipe – by the BOSH! team, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby – is that you can be pretty flexible with the summer veg elements, guided by your veg box (of course!).  Of the veg listed, we’d say tomatoes and mushrooms are vital to the …

Green beans and mushrooms


Got some new season organic green beans in your veg box and want to jazz them up? Here’s one way to do it. Recipe adapted from www.bonappetit.com. Later in the summer you could swap in runner beans – cut into thin slices, diagonally.

Hot cross buns! And a savoury breakfast course from the Regather box


In the run-up to Easter, we are supplying delectable hot cross buns made by our friends at Forge Bakehouse. Two flavours – cranberry & orange, chocolate & ginger.  Forge HCBs are probably the best Easter buns I’ve ever eaten:  a real treat at breakfast or lunchtime.  Why not spoil yourself also with some specialty loose-leaf tea, coffee or vegan hot …

Maple-glazed parsnip, chestnut and feta loaf


A fabulous veg centrepiece for your Christmas feast, starring some of our faithful box gems – parsnips, leeks and mushrooms – along with lots of lovely nuts and herbs. Most types of nuts would work well, so use what you have but do include the chestnuts. Like lots of Christmas veg recipes, the Method is bloody long, so long we …