Flash-fried sticky tofu with green beans


While my favourite and default way to have green beans is simmered gently with fresh tomatoes and onion, or in a Niçoise salad, sometimes it’s good to reach into the recipe books. This dish by Anna Jones from ‘One Pot, Pan, Planet’ is totally worth a trip to a Chinese supermarket to get some Sichuan peppercorns and authentic black bean …

Flavours from Ottolenghi!


Here is a little something to make the most of the chard and celery you’re getting in the box at the moment:  Swiss chard and celery gratin! Credits to Ottolenghi and his food column. If you have some, replace some of the salt with celery salt; this will add another level of complexity. This gratin is lovely with lemon-infused roast …

Split pea and veg soup


Back to basics this week with a simple, hearty and very healthy soup. Yellow peas/lentils bring a lovely flavour but if you want a quicker process go with split red lentils which don’t need soaking and boiling first. This soup is great with dark rye bread – either Tower of Bagel’s or Forge’s Dark Peak.