Root veg gratin


This creamy mustardy gratin is just the ticket in this cold, bright weather and a luxurious way to treat the hearty organic roots from the veg box as they approach the end of their season.  Recipe from Nigel Slater in last weekend’s Observer food pages. Feel free to adjust the proportions of the veg in the list according to what …

Homemade sauerkraut: green cabbage and carrot


Many of us love having versatile cabbages in the veg box, but if you want to expand your cabbage repertoire we suggest making your own delicious, nutritious, organic sauerkraut or kimchi.  The health benefits of ‘live’ fermented veg have been well documented: packed full of nutrients and good bacteria for a happy gut biome. My own sauerkraut learning curve has …

Ethiopian spicy yellow split pea stew


We’re so pleased to be stocking new vegan products by Suma including organic yellow split peas. These protein-packed gems have a subtle, distinctive taste which really shines in a plain Greek-style fava dip. Also, they can turn a simple chunky veg soup into a balanced meal. (I like to batch-cook a large quantity of split peas until they’re starting to …

Roast root vegetable soup


If you’re looking for a healthy seasonal veg soup recipe to recalibrate your post-Christmas body and mind, look no further! No fewer than SEVEN items from the typical Regather veg/fruit array in December/January – nine if you count the optional extras of fresh organic ginger and garlic. Huge thanks to customer Annette for submitting this recipe.

Uzbeki carrots


Every now and then it’s good to spotlight the humble carrot. This is a fantastic recipe by Diana Henry: “it’s just carrots, but not as you’ve ever had them before”. The flavour is sensational. I don’t bother with the honey though – too sweet. You can buy dried barberries and affordable saffron at Ozmen. Serve the carrot stew with rice …

Luscious carrot dal with spinach


This recipe appeared in The Guardian a few years ago in a feature by Anna Jones on one-pot meals. It’s been a go-to dal recipe ever since. Using red lentils makes it quite speedy without compromising the rich, warm flavours of the south Indian spices. Do use fresh curry leaves if you can get them (try Ozmen). Eat with plain …