Butternut squash lasagna


Vegetable lasagna has been on Clem’s mind lately, and Clem’s wish is my command! Cue some beautiful organic butternut squashes in most boxes this week – et voilà – a garlicky butternut lasagna. And it’s vegan, too. So, if you’re craving the comfort of pasta plus a bit of meditative assembly time in the kitchen, look no further.  Recipe from …

Ethiopian spicy yellow split pea stew


We’re so pleased to be stocking new vegan products by Suma including organic yellow split peas. These protein-packed gems have a subtle, distinctive taste which really shines in a plain Greek-style fava dip. Also, they can turn a simple chunky veg soup into a balanced meal. (I like to batch-cook a large quantity of split peas until they’re starting to …

Miso roast squash and potatoes with kale and almonds


We’re into December! Time for the festive recipes to start. Starting off nice and easy with this gorgeous dish is by Anna Jones, veg cookery maestro. If you can’t get hold of a butternut squash, go with a dark green/grey-skinned squash with the rich orange flesh. You could even try seasonal sweet potato instead.We want to feature the ultimate festive …

Squash and beetroot salad with feta and herbs


An absolute favourite for Autumn. This dish is extra-lovely when the roast veg are still a little warm. Try adding fresh apple slices just before serving, for crunch.