About Us


The vision of Regather is a mutual local economy.


The mission of Regather is to give people the choice and opportunity to live, work and play co-operatively and create a mutual local economy.

What does Regather do?

The main activities of Regather are currently:

  • support for social enterprise start up and development
  • volunteering, self-employment and employment opportunities for local people
  • services for community events and festivals in local parks
  • buying fresh produce from local growers and selling to local customers
  • hire of catering kitchen facilities to local food initiatives
  • hire of dining and social facilities to community groups
  • promoting low carbon and home energy efficiency measures
  • cook and eat clubs offering affordable, healthy cooked food

We want to bring local people together to re-discover and celebrate the historic neighbourhood of Little Sheffield, be part of transforming and using of a listed building as The Regather Works social action centre, use a dead end street and under-used greenspace to grow The Club Garden public space and develop new ideas for social enterprise, community events and local food activities.

What is Regather?

Regather is a community of people taking action to…

  • work towards meeting the day to day needs of their local community and the mutualisation of their local economy
  • develop alternatives to traditional forms of employment, self-employment and volunteering buy, sell, exchange and volunteer their goods and services on a co-operative basis, work together, support each other and make projects happen;
  • collectively develop and share skilled labour, premises, equipment, tools, materials as well as interests, ideas and ambitions
  • build collective resources, collaborate with each other and share the risks and rewards of co-operative working;
  • develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed for successful co-operative working
  • experience the shared benefits of co-operative working based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity

Regather Works

Regather Works is a cultural centre based in Sharrow, Sheffield.

Formerly the Horn Handle works, the Regather Works was constructed on Club Garden Road, Sharrow in 1897 and has seen a number of business tenants over the years. Since 2010 members of Regather have been working hard to create a number of useful resources for current and future traders.

We now offer by-the-hour access to specialised spaces and equipment – a fully hygiene certified kitchen, a classroom or conferencing space, an activity studio and basic materials workshop. Use Regather Works to access the resources you need.